Tools used to create this website

15 June 2013

Until recently I haven't been doing much with this website. I just ran a wordpress blog, that I very rarely updated. Anyway, about a week or so ago I decided that I would give coding my own website a go.

You can now see the results. I'm still messing around with it, like creating this blog. Hopefully the fact I'm coding the website will keep me interested in it, and stop me forgetting about it.

I thought I would detail some of the tools I have used in the creation of the website.

Web development framework.
Simple Icons
A free set of PNG icons with an accompanying list of colour codes. I used the Envelope, Github, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter icons, which you can see in the main header for this site.
Font Awesome
Scalable vector icons. I used the download, code, apple, linux and windows icons.
Open Sans Font
Open Sans font commissioned by Google
Sublime SFTP
Sublime Text package that allows SFTP access to a remote server.
Sublime Text 2
Text editor for coding.