TuneIn Radio for Kodi

A plugin that allows you to access thousands of radio stations at TuneIn from within Kodi.


  • Display TuneIn favourites.
  • Display recently played stations/shows.
  • Download shows and podcasts.
  • Browse thousands of radio station streams.
  • Search for a specific radio station.
  • Ability to add/remove stations to/from TuneIn favourites.
  • Manually enter a stream to play.
  • Add stations to Kodi favourites.


Works On



Download the latest zip file and install the addon. See http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_an_Add-on_from_a_zip_file for more details on installing addons from zip file.


The TuneIn Radio add-on can be accessed from the Music Addons menu.


The following settings are available.

TuneIn account username.
TuneIn account password.
Display TuneIn Featured Station
If set to true display TuneIn featured stations. Default: true
Display TuneIn Local Station(s)
If set to true display TuneIn local stations. Default: true
Language used by TuneIn. Allowed values: ar-SA|cs-CZ|da-DK|nl-NL|fi-FI|fr-FR|de-DE|el-GR|hi-IN|hu-HU|it-IT|ja-JP|ko-KR|pl-PL|pt-PT|ru-RU|zh-CN|es-ES|sv-SV|zh-TW|tr-TR|en-GB|en-US. Default: en-GB
A specific latitude/longitude pair, comma separated, used to target local radio.
Icon Colour
Set the colour of the icons used in add-on. Allowed values: White|Black|Red. Default: White
Number Of Recents
Number of recent stations/shows to store. Default: 5
Prompt When Changing Station
Display a Yes/No dialog when changing stations. Default: true
Display Fanart
Display the TuneIn Radio background. Default: true
Only show TuneIn favourites
Display only the TuneIn users favourites. The main menu (favourites, recent, browse, search and custom url) will not be displayed. Default: false
Enable Downloads
Default: true
Download Path
Path to download files to.
Download In Background
Whether the downloads should occur in background. Default: false
Default: false
AM (Broadcast)
Default: false
DAB (Broadcast)
Default: false
FM (Broadcast)
Default: false
HD (Broadcast)
Default: false
HTML Web Page
Default: false
Default: true
Default: false
Default: false
Default: false
RTMP Flash
Default: false
Satellite (Broadcast)
Default: false
Windows Media
Default: true
Windows Media Professional
Default: true
Windows Media Video
Default: true
Windows Media Voice
Default: true
Use to set protocol (http or https). Default: true
Update Cache (hrs)
How often to contact TuneIn to update format and genres cache. Default: 24


Is this plugin available in a Kodi addons repository?
Why doesn't "Such and Such" station play?
There are usual three reason why a station isn't playing:
  • The TuneIn is providing a link to an external website, rather than an audio stream.
  • The TuneIn is providing an audio stream that Kodi can not play.
  • There's a bug in my plugin.


If you find a problem with the plugin please raise an issue on GitHub.


Tunein Radio for Kodi is licensed under the GPL 3.0 license.